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About Us

Welcome to PCS Move Corporation
Services is our work, moving ,packaging and transporting in domestic country for 24 hours. Providing 4-wheels, 6-wheels, etc. trucks with an efficiency of transportation on time, lower cost and 100% guarantee of our service.

How to contact us via internet

1. Fill your information in an assess-price form.
2. Send an assess-price form to us via our website.
3. We will call you back following attached phone number.
4. We will go up there for assessing your work (FREE, no charge at all).
5. If you're interested in our service. Next, we will set our work in your convenience.

Our Work Process

When you get an appointment date, please contact us for making a deal to check goods. Or contact us for absolutely assessing such as set up the goods' destination. In this step, you should make sure to keep your crucial goods before moving and do not forget to tell the list of your goods during workers are moving it.

Our Prominent and Services

To make confidence in both quality and integrity in our service. We have great experience of works with individual, small company, large organization and so on. All of our teams and departments for instance: sales, client services, transport team, etc. are all expertise in professional work. We always pay more attention to our services with a slogan:
“Always accomplish your work like our work".

Our Standards

  • work on time
  • safety issue
  • professional
  • transportation speed
  • client relations

Mission and Vision Prev Next

  • we are confidence in our work both in term of quality and integrity with attention by always recognized with slogan “Always accomplish your work like our work” for thank to choose and assurance in our services".
    PCS Move Co.,Ltd.
  • PCS Move is a transportation company making a business with quality work. Because you are our heart , we will take care you as like as our family. With lower cost and the guarantee of our services.
    PCS Move Co.,Ltd.
  • PCS Move is a professional transportation company. Enrolling with one million bath for a business. CEO of company have greate experience in term of moving ,transporting, and logistics both domestic and international.
    PCS Move Co.,Ltd.
  • PCS Move always pays attention in every point of service. With a warm welcome, consumers would feel like we are a part of your family.
    PCS Move Co.,Ltd.

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Our Address

  • PCS Move Co.,Ltd.
  • 54/66, Moo 3, Sukhumvit105 Road
  • Phone: 02-744-6006 | Fax: 02-744-6002
  • Mobile: 086-368-2076